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The Saints got crushed 27-10 by the Seahawks. The Seahawks played better than I expected. I guess Ray Rhodes is going to make a huge difference there Too bad he's not coaching the Saints. They just didn't seem to have their act together. Four turnovers for them and none for Seattle. You;'ll lose ever single game you play if you do that. The Bucs and Carolina won. The Bucs offense doesn't really impress me at all, I think the Saints can handle them like last year. And I think they can score enough points on offense, and maybe get some help from special teams so they can win at least one of their meetings. They'll have to win other games, though. Cheeseheads lost to the Vikings, I wonder who a certain acquaintance of mine was rooting for in that one?

At least Virginai Tech won, although it came as no suprise as they played AA James Madison. Too bad I missed the ND game, I heard it was a pretty thrilling OT win..
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