Patrick (piano_hack) wrote,


A good day - Saints win 31-10 over the Texans. Skins also hold out against Atlanta 33-31. I would have been perfect were I able to actually watch the Saints victory. I saw the majority of the Skins game, and I was going to go watch the Saints/Texans game at a local sports bar, but they weren't showing it. What ticks me off is they were showing the GB-Detroit game on two TV's and only like two people were watching it . Needless to say that place won't be getting a dime of my money anymore. If anyone knows any good sports bars in the D.C./NoVa area, I'd really like to know. Nothing so far has beat this little dinky bar in Blacksburg called Champs. They showed EVERY game - and you could see all of them because they had a bunch of TVs, including two big screens, all stacked up in the same place. On top of that, a pint of draft beer was a $1.50. Man, those were the days. I'm thinking about going back for a Master's.

I also found out that you can't get NFL Sunday Tickets unless you have DirecTV or some such - the cable companies won't do it. They show every other sport - baseball, NBA, NHL, College football, and even Golf, but no NFL. Why did it have to be the NFL?!?! Grrrrrr....
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